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Fashion Tips For Every Women

unduhan (25)Does every Friday night or party night scare you? Are you scared because you never find a perfect outfit and fail miserably fashion wise at every party? If it sounds familiar to you, certainly need to go through this article. Get out of this complicated world and make your messy life simpler. How? Here are some simple tips, tricks that will make you show stopper at every party, and you will steal the hearts:

Get Rid of Oldies

Revamp your wardrobe first. You have to make room for newbies yourself. Here is a quick solution to it. Stand in front of your wardrobe and think of it as a shop. Now keep the things that you would have shopped from it. Do not throw away the remaining clothes or accessories in fact donate them.

Shop With Plan

No matter you have to attend a wedding ceremony or a formal meeting, you have to give your best. For that purpose you need to look great and have to invest time. For an efficient shopping, get a proper hairstyle, footwear and makeup with which you want to compliment your outfit. However, if you are shopping online, talk to fashion experts. These days there are many online shops in India that help you to choose the best according to your body type and personality.

The Jacket Rule

If you are purchasing a jacket, coat or blazer, you have to keep one rule in your mind and it is- buy the one that fits your shoulders. Too tight or too wide along shoulders cannot be altered. So, it is advisable not to buy that jacket or coat.

Accessorize Well

Accessories give a perfect and personal touch to any outfit. Accessorizing is an important part of style. It can make or break the show. Mix and match your outfits with different and bold colours. If your wardrobe is full of neutral colours, get some accessories in wild colours. Along with colours, you may experiment with materials like chains, pearls or feathers. The most convenient and noteworthy change in fashion is button. It is economical too. It fits everyone’s budget and can do wonders to your outfit.

Find the Comfort

If the outfit you are wearing does not fit you perfectly, do not go for it. A little loose or little tight clothing won’t let you enjoy the moments. After every few minutes you will be seen adjusting your clothes. So, while you buy clothes make sure it fits you perfectly and you are comfortable enough. Now-a-days there are many online shopping sites that offer customization. is also one of the best online shopping sites that offer customization and alteration.

Shopping in Budget

Every woman know how tough it is to know when your shopping is enough. In the pursuit of budget shopping, you need a proper planning. Make a list of items that you need to buy. Next step is to find thebest online deals of the day on a specific product that you wish to buy. However, you should not always run for cheap. Go for quality products at discounts.

Tailored and Customized Clothes

Customized and tailored clothes are found expensive but they are worth it because there are no such readymade clothes that fit you so nicely. Find a good tailor who can make you feel good with the chosen outfits. You may also get tailored outfits online these days.

Take Care of Your Clothes

You invest so much time buying your clothes. So you need to take extra care of them by choosing a good iron, quality detergent and checking the instructions to handle the garments.

Tips to wearing your jeans


I believe this is the easiest way to wear white jeans. Stripes, some light wash denim and a pop of color! This is an outfit you can wear in the springtime or summer. The bright pop of color brings some fun to the outfit and keeps the outfit from looking a little too plain.

Outfit Formula: Striped tee + Light Wash Denim Jacket + Bright Clutch or Handbag + Flats = Easy Breezy White Jeans Outfit


If you’re ready to be a little bit daring, how about going all white! It doesn’t matter if it’s before or after Labor Day wearing an all white outfit is a stylish way to sport your favorite white jeans.
Wear a white tank top with a white blazer and if you have them white shoes. I don’t own any white shoes so I wore a pair of silver sandals with matching silver jewelry.

Outfit Formula: White Tank + White Blazer + Silver or White Sandals = No Fuss All White Outfit


Nothing like getting a little patriotic and going red, white and blue. The funny thing is that I’m wasn’t going for a patriotic outfit it just ended up that way.

Pairing your white jeans with a chiffon blue polka dot shirt with matching polka dot flats will create a fun outfit that can be worn throughout summer. For an added bit of color and texture I added a bright red leather handbag.

Outfit Formula: Blue Polka Dot Blouse + Blue Polka Dot Flats + Red Handbag = Stylish 4th of July Outfit (that can also be worn any other day)


Pairing white jeans with a light blue tie-dye tank top will immediately make you stand out, if that’s what you’re looking for! In this white jeans outfit I wore a bright tie-dye tank top in many shades of blue with coordinating sandals and patent handbag.

This outfit is perfect for late night drinks with the girls or date night with the boyfriend. White and blue is a perfect duo as you’re starting to see.

Outfit Formula: Tie-dye tank top + Matching Heeled Sandals + Matching Patent Handbag = A Standout Outfit!


Dressing your white jeans up and making them look more sophisticated is easily achieved with a button down. Pairing your white jeans with a striped button down and gray heels can make your white jeans office appropriate (depending on where you work of course.)

I wore a bold striped shirt with contrasting cuffs so the outfit had a little more attitude. I finished off the outfit with a cute salmon colored satchel. A pop of color can make all the difference!

Outfit Formula: Striped Button Down Shirt + Textured Heels + Bright Satchel = Office Appropriate White Jeans Outfit


If you don’t want to go all the way and wear all white then you can try an outfit like this. White jeans paired with neutrals.

I this white jeans outfit I paired nude pumps with a light cream crochet sweater. This sweater has a lot of texture and it can look perfect worn on it’s own but you need to layer I would suggest a denim jacket or white blazer.

Outfit Formula: Nude Heels + Cream Crochet Sweater = Stylish Neutral Summer Outfit


Do you want to wear your white jeans during winter? I did! So this is the outfit I put together. I must mention that I live in California so the winter’s are not that bad here. Hence the open toed shoes.

Pair your white jeans with a contrasting long black coat and scuba shirt for a dramatic effect. The pop of color in the outfit are the heels. A little leopard print and fuchsia can go a long way in a winter look. I finished off the look with gold accessories and my favorite sunglasses.

Outfit Formula: Long Contrasting Coat + Black Scuba Shirt + Gold Accessories + Bright Heels = Stylish White Jeans Winter Outfit


Yes, these pants have a pattern but I’m going to say that they are white too because patterned jeans are just as or if not more difficult to wear white jeans.

This is an outfit I wore wine tasting in Napa, Ca. I wanted the outfit to look casual yet dressy and stylish. I wore a blouse that matched a color from the jeans and stylish pair of summer sandals. In this outfit I coordinated the color of the handbag and the sandals.

Outfit Formula: Summer Sandals + Neutral Top + Matching Handbag = Stylish Wine Tasting Outfit


If you’re looking for an easy breezy outfit for a spring or summer day pair your favorite pair of white jeans with a bolero and white tank top.

I coordinated the handbag with the blue of the bolero and the orange in the sandals match the pop of color in the floral pattern. Always make sure your items coordinate and you’ll have an outfit that looks put together.

Outfit Formula: Floral Bolero + White Tank Top + Matching Handbag + Summer Sandals = Easy Breezy Summer or Spring Outfit


Dress up your white jeans for a romantic date night with a black lace blouse. Create a stylish black and white outfit by wearing a black blouse with lace detailing and striped black and white heels. Finish off the look with gorgeous gold details.

Outfit Formula: Black Lace Blouse + Striped Black & White Heels + Gold Details = Romantic Date Night Outfit


Want to have your outfit in sync with the earth then go with a neutral toned outfit.

Let your white jeans shine by surrounding them with various shades of brown. Coordinate your handbag, t-shirt, belt and sandals to

Outfit Formula: Brown T-Shirt + Brown Handbag + Brown Belt = Neutral Lovin’ Outfit


If you want to go for a nautical vibe when you’re at the lake or the beach pair your white jeans with stripes. This no fail combination makes for a casual and stylish look.

Again I reach for my cropped denim jacket because it just goes perfectly with white denim. This is also the easiest way to wear denim on denim.